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I’ve been making some changes to the way that Textise manages subscribers. Subscriptions are available to web masters who want to use Textise to power Text Only/Accessibility links on their pages. The rules for subscriptions are pretty simple, as laid out on the For Web Developers page:

Commercial use

Textise is free for personal use. For commercial purposes (including, but not restricted to, the creation of text-only links that use Textise or calls to the web service for commercial web sites), please contact me using the Contact Us page.

My intention isn’t to charge all sites for this facility. For example, one current site using Textise is the Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health and I’m very happy for them to continue using the tool for free.

I was recently contacted by the official web site for the State Of Oregon, requesting a subscription for a few of their domains, and I’m pleased to say that their new, Textise-driven text-only links should go live on 23 July 2013. The web master of the sites also requested some small changes to the way their text-only pages render, with which I was happy to comply. These changes are:

  • The request for PayPal donations at the bottom of a text-only page is now removed for subscribing sites.
  • The message “This page has been Textised!” is changed to  “This text only page was specially created by Textise for <domain name>” for subscribing sites.

These changes will apply to all subscribers from now on. In the future I intend making further changes that will benefit subscribers, for example the facility to convert a Textised page into a PDF.

If you run a web site and would like to use Textise to create maintenance-free Text Only/Accessibility links on your pages (or you already use Textise in this way and haven’t got round to subscribing), please get in touch via the  Contact Us page.


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