Tips ‘n’ Tricks #1

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Textise is a lot more configurable than people often realise. Using the Options page, you can choose how you’d like you text only output to look, from font colour to the way that links are formatted. The Options page can accessed from the Textise home page or any “Textised” page.

Textise Options page

Below are a few ideas and suggestions – just click the thumbnails to see bigger versions.


This is the way that the text only output is formatted by default. Font is Tahoma 14, links are in bold, underlined when hovered over.

Default settings

Underlined links

In this mode, links on the page are shown underlined instead of bold. To achieve this, just change “Link appearance” to “Underlined”.

Underlined links

No links

To get that true “text” feel, all links can be shown as plain text by selecting “Plain text” in the “Link style” section. Note that, in this mode, the links are no longer clickable: they really are “text only”.

No links mode

The other choices in the “Link style” section are “Textised” and “Original”. “Textised” means that links will lead to the text only version of a target page; “Original” means that links navigate to the “real” page.

Computer console

Finally for today, here’s a fun config: the full geek look, complete with Console font and lime text on a black background.

Computer console

More tricks ‘n’ tips soon!


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