Accessibility Requires Action.

We do the work.

Achieve On-going

WCAG 2.0 & 2.1 AA Compliance

Textise takes the time to understand your business and users. As a result, we work with you to ensure compliance and open your public-facing content to those previously prevented from enjoying it.

Web Accessibility

In the digital world, the process of eliminating barriers for people with disabilities has become crucial. Textise offers the most practical accessibility solution that can be deployed immediately, is easy to use, and meets international accessibility WCAG 2.1 standard. Visit Our Product page to learn more.

Accessibility Audits

Textise offers free automated testing tools to reveal accessibility gaps in existing websites. Our accessibility experts also perform manual tests with highly structured processes to gauge accessibility compliance for websites, web applications, native applications, documents, mobile devices, tablets, themes, training, and more.

User Testing with Disability Community

User testing provides the best way to verify if your site or app is accessible. We have partnered with disability groups and nonprofits to offer our customers user testing. Access our network of professional user testers from all major disability groups. We coordinate the testing and results are delivered directly to you with detailed reports and expert recommendations.

Accessibility Monitor

Textise has the advanced technology to ensure on-going compliance. Our system monitors your website to verify that it is accessible all the time for the users, verifying compliance with international standards. Manual ongoing monitoring is done periodically by our experts and users to ensure your website and other digital content is accessible and your business continues to be compliant.

Accessibility Training

Textise offers accessibility training courses which are created and taught by experienced accessibility professionals. In addition to our introductory workshop, we offer accessibility training for document creation and remediation, accessible website and application development, and accessibility testing and remediation.

Strategic Consulting

Hire our strategic consulting experts architects to build the program, train and support your development life cycle. Our expert designers, developers and engineers are also available to help during your development life cycle.

Did you know?

The OCR and DOJ routinely conducts a compliance audit and can initiate an investigation in response to a complaint, which can be filed by anyone.