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by | Mar 19, 2016 | textise, Tricks 'n' tips | 0 comments

April, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, uses Textise to help her read newsletter articles without getting a migraine. Here’s her story…

“I started getting migraine headaches a few years ago from reading so I had to give up 99% of my book reading. I really love to read newsletters, though, and it would take me forever to catch up because I could only read a little per day. So I was trying to find a software for my computer to read things to me and I found your Textise app. I combine that with Zabaware TTS Reader for Windows. 
“I click on an article in my newsletters, then right click to Textise it. I then copy the text to the Zabaware software and convert it to a WAV file so that I can listen to it while I’m doing other things. I also have a talking book machine from the WI Talking Book and Braille library. It lets you listen to daisy, WAVs, and MP3s. 
“I can  listen to them on my tablet, computer, or Talking Book player.
“Textise has helped me reduce my migraines a lot and allowed me to keep up with my reading. Thanks!”
It’s great to hear of the creative ways our users find for Textise. If you have a great story about how you use Textise, let us know.


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